Industrial Design and Engineering

Mission Statement

Fiftyswiss was founded to deliver the most cost-effective and flexible partnership solution for complex new product development.

Fiftyswiss aligns with Marketing and Technical Teams to provide clarity and insight for strategic and tactical planning.

Fiftyswiss creates industrial designs while prototyping engineering concepts.

Fiftyswiss is expert at integrating electronics into products, we work with top Electrical Engineering Partners to build and configure custom Microcontroller and Microprocessor systems. 

Fiftyswiss tests, redesigns, tests and redesigns to meet performance and product requirement needs.

Fiftyswiss balances the needs of engineering and design while detailing for mass production requirements (DFM, DFA).

Fiftyswiss provides expert level Plastics and Metal design and engineering for both commodity grade and engineering grade materials.

Fiftyswiss creates precision parts and full documentation for manufacturing and mass production (GD&T) while providing proper documentation to help ensure quality parts from day one.

Fiftyswiss is there for your New Product Introduction (NPI, T0/T1, MP) anywhere in the world. And we continue to work to improve and refine the production process with Sustaining Engineering Support.

We would love to learn about You, your next Project, Sub-Assembly or Part, we're glad to take a look and discuss!